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Yes, all our services come with a warranty. However, the timeline varies from 10 years to more.

All our roofers are regular and certified. We never hire an employee before thoroughly checking the background.

It’s hard to give a definite number as every job has different dynamics. But for the convenience of the client, we always offer a free estimate before the service.

To get the quote, dial (801) 755-9995 or visit our contact us page to fill the given “Get a Quote” section.

No, you will never have to do any work with Zaim Roofing. Our workers will clean up the remaining after the service.

Many causes lead to leakage of the roof, with poor maintenance being the utmost. Some of the other reasons are age, weather damage, overhanging trees & branches, and accumulation of water on the roof.

The short answer is yes, a leaky roof is dangerous and needs immediate attention. The long answer is the risk varies depending upon the extent of damage, yet it is better to call the expert before it’s too late.

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Poor drainage leads to the accumulation of rainwater on the roof. If not addressed on time, it can cause several complications and unrepairable damage to the ceiling.

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